Thursday, July 14, 2011

MSPGCC For TI FRAM Experimenter's Board

   I was able to use my TI Launchpad in Linux thanks to google-ing a scattered bunch of how-to's that detailed how to install a then-current version of mspgcc4. The TI FRAM Experimenter's board that I got recently because of the 50% off coupon won't work with that install of mspdebug and mspgcc4, but there are new developments with mspgcc. Among those are precompiled packages for Ubuntu and support for the MSP430FR5739, which is used in the FRAM Experimenter's board.

   The big change with mspgcc is the Uniarch branch, which aims to combine the work done by mspgcc and mspgcc4. It should hopefully help speed the project's development. This branch supports over 300 MSP430 devices.

   You can find the precompiled .deb's by searching through the Ubuntu packages for the 11.10 release. These reportedly work on Ubuntu 11.04, but not on 10.10.

   While the latest Uniarch releases do support the FRAM Experimenter's board, at the time I'm writing this the packaged mspdebug does not. However, it's being worked on so look for a release supporting the Experimenter's board (hopefully) soon.

   That should be the final thing needed to start messing around with programming for and loading code onto the FRAM Experimenter's board in Linux. I'll have to (finally) upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 to be able to install the updated mspgcc packages though, something I've been trying to hold off for as long as possible.

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