Thursday, July 28, 2011

Install Ubuntu Linux on the HTC Inspire 4G

   Way before I got my first Android phone I would read about people running Debian and Ubuntu on their G1s and Nexus One phones. This can be done on the Inspire 4G as well, if you have a rooted phone and a kernel that supports mounting loopback devices, which CyanogenMod does. You can run a chrooted copy of Ubuntu Linux on top of Android. You could use this just to run command-line programs that haven't been ported from Linux to Android, but using VNC you can access the Gnome GUI and run desktop Linux apps.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Electronics Crash Course Resources

   I've been wanting to get back into electronics and microcrontroller programming lately, along with some of my other hobbies. It's been months since I got my TI Launchpad and did a few very small projects on it, like my LED chaser. I bought the TI FRAM Experimenter's Board and haven't done anything interesting using it yet, but I think I'll need an electronics refresher course before I try. I thought I'd share a collection of links to sites and books I found helpful when I first started messing with the Launchpad and electronics last year.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

MSPGCC For TI FRAM Experimenter's Board

   I was able to use my TI Launchpad in Linux thanks to google-ing a scattered bunch of how-to's that detailed how to install a then-current version of mspgcc4. The TI FRAM Experimenter's board that I got recently because of the 50% off coupon won't work with that install of mspdebug and mspgcc4, but there are new developments with mspgcc. Among those are precompiled packages for Ubuntu and support for the MSP430FR5739, which is used in the FRAM Experimenter's board.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Using Blogger to Host a Business Site

   I've been trying to help out some of my relatives by setting up web sites for a couple of their small businesses, using Blogger for hosting. There's some work you have to do to make a Blogger blog appropriate for a business site which includes: removing the Navbar, configuring a custom domain and setting up Google Apps accounts.