Saturday, May 28, 2011

Libgdx Android Example Game and Source Code

   I've written a bunch of small projects in Python and Actionscript 3 for desktop computers, but only created one small game in Java for smartphones. I've been itching to learn more Java and build a small Android app for my HTC Inspire that would improve on my simple J2ME avoider game. In a coffee-fueled frenzy late at night I quickly created this basic game using libgdx. It's not much, but I hope the source code is a useful example to another newbie.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Selling Phones and Used Tech on eBay

   I've been on a personal finance kick over the last few months. I've saved up money, invested in my Roth IRA and read a ton of blogs and books. That's all non-tech stuff and I want to keep it off this blog, but the tech angle on it is that I managed to sell my old Blackberry Bold 9000 and my sister's broken iPhones on eBay for a nice sum. This certainly beats just leaving them sitting around collecting dust like so many of my other possessions. I considered other sites to sell on but went with eBay in the end, mainly for the chance to earn more.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Otterbox Commuter Case For The Inspire 4G Quick Review

   I can't use an expensive smartphone without having a decent case. It just worries me too much. For my Blackberry Bold I bought an Otterbox Impact case and loved it, so when I got my Inspire 4G I wanted something made by Otterbox, but tougher than the Impact series because I was afraid the giant glass screen would be easy to break if I dropped it. So, that meant buying the Otterbox Commuter case for the Desire HD, which is compatible with the Inspire.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Linux Server Out of Space?

   Recently my Debian print server, which has happily run on an ancient Pentium 133 MHz box with 32 megs of RAM and dual 1.2 gig hard drives, suddenly stopped printing. Examining it showed that it had run out of free space and so couldn't spool print jobs anymore. A quick Google search showed several sites listing commands that would find large files on the system, but since there were no files on the disk larger than ~10 megs this was of limited help.