Monday, March 14, 2011

Useful FlashPunk Tutorials and Code

   I used FlashPunk to make Admiral Gobi and Stellarnaut, and it was definitely nicer than messing with the Flash API directly. I read a lot of tutorials on the official forums and made heavy use of some classes that were posted as well. The tutorials I found most useful were these:

FlashPunk Game from Scratch - This was a great introduction to recent versions of FlashPunk, and both my Flash games are very obviously based on it.

Emitter Explosions - This tutorial helped me get the particle effects in Stellarnaut working correctly. It was essential to learning how to use that feature, most other documentation is out of date or not as complete.

Motion Blur and Light Blooming - I was able to use these classes to add some graphical flare to Stellarnaut and make it look a little cooler. Very helpful to have.

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