Monday, March 28, 2011

Rooting my HTC Inspire 4G and Installing CyanogenMod 7

   I decided to install CyanogenMod 7 on my HTC Inspire 4G and use it in place of the stock HTC Sense ROM. I miss the Sense interface a little but the advantages of running a ROM based on the AOSP outweigh the loss of HTC's eye candy and stock apps. The process I learned from the xda forums on making a goldcard and then using the Simple One-Click Root and S-OFF tool in Windows to get the Inspire in a state where CyanogenMod can be installed was fairly simple. You can also follow the CyanogenMod wiki if you want to do this via the command line in Linux.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Flash Game Development on Linux

   I've done all my Flash game dev in Linux, on my old underpowered laptop. The expensive Adobe CS doesn't have any Linux support, but this doesn't matter since I'd rather write ActionScript 3 code directly anyway. The bigger problem is that the free and open source FlashDevelop IDE is only available on Windows, and most of the documentation for making Flash games outside the Adobe Creative Suite revolves around FlashDevelop. Fortunately you can just use the command line to compile your code with the Flex SDK and bypass all those big bloated programs entirely. This gets you a workflow that not only runs well on older computers (like my cruddy laptop) but is also cross-platform. I used this tutorial from HobbyGameDev to get started:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Useful FlashPunk Tutorials and Code

   I used FlashPunk to make Admiral Gobi and Stellarnaut, and it was definitely nicer than messing with the Flash API directly. I read a lot of tutorials on the official forums and made heavy use of some classes that were posted as well. The tutorials I found most useful were these:

Monday, March 7, 2011

The HTC Inspire 4G Battery Cover Is Trying to Kill Me

   I decided it was time to upgrade from my Blackberry Bold 9000, which has served me well for 2 years now, to a decent Android phone. I played around with writing a MIDP app, but I really want to try and learn Java in the Android environment. I've been messing around with the Android SDK and emulator for months now, and have written small AIR apps and tested them on friends phones. I played around with my sisters broken old iPhone running iDroid and I wanted a real Android phone for myself. I badly wanted one with a keyboard, but since I'm stuck on AT&T thanks to a family plan contract and they don't have any high-end Android phones with keyboards I had to compromise on that requirement.  Of course, now that I've bought a touchscreen-only phone I expect a high-end Android with a slide-out qwerty keyboard for AT&T to be announced any day now.

   Anyways, I now have an HTC Inspire 4G, which I got for $70 off Amazon. I figure the low price compensates for the lack of a hardware keyboard and the phone is pretty spiffy overall, with one really serious flaw: the battery cover is impossible to open.