Monday, February 28, 2011

Top 5 TI Launchpad MSP430 Resources and Sites

   I've got a motor controller chip from the ST Micro free sample program sitting on a mini-breadboard next to a msp430g2231. It's just waiting for me to sit down and take the time to make it talk to the small motors I've got lying around. My LED chaser sits on a shelf, taunting my poor dog, when what I'd like to do is build a Launchpad-powered photovore robot and mount the chaser somewhere on it. I've got lots of projects to work on (like trying to make games) and not enough time to do everything I'd like, so I've decided to put learning electronics and microcontrollers on the back burner.
   Anyways, since there have been a few incoming searches looking for msp430 info I thought I'd share the best web sites and resources I've found for the Launchpad so far. These were a huge help to me as I learned the basics of programming and wiring up the msp430 and I intend to make good use of them later on when I get back into electronics.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Stellarnaut: My Second Flash Game

   I'm playing around with making a physics-based game using QuickBox2D (which BTW sadly seems to be a dead project) but that's going to take a while to complete, so I decided to make a quick game using FlashPunk. It's called Stellarnaut, and while it's only my second Flash game I feel like it's a nice step up in quality from Admiral Gobi, a game that wasn't really made for the whole world. Admiral Gobi was really for two people: myself to learn FlashPunk as quick as possible, and my cousin who has his face in the game. Stellarnaut is different. It's more polished, very quick to play and ready for mass consumption. It's also not terribly original, but I still feel it's a fun and quick distraction for people bored at work or school.

Play it and let me know if it's any good: Stellarnaut

Monday, February 14, 2011

Install Android on an Original iPhone 2G

   I had a more difficult time figuring out how to get Android installed on my original iPhone 2G than I had expected. Beyond getting the Spirit jailbreak and Cydia installed I wasn't current on the whole jailbreak and iPhone dev scene, so I had to learn a lot. It only took one night to get iDroid installed though, and most of that time was spent doing things wrong and restoring the iPhone to factory settings after I (or Cydia!) screwed up. Here's the process I went through to get a working copy of Android running.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jailbreak an iPhone 2G in Linux with Spirit

   I got my hands on an old original iPhone and wanted to jailbreak it to play around with Cydia. At some point I'd also like to try using Haxe to write apps for it, just to see if I can get my "Hello World" game running on iOS. I decided to look around for ways to jailbreak it in Ubuntu Linux so I wouldn't have to reboot into Windows, because I'm lazy like that. While an older version of redsn0w is cross-platform, it wouldn't recognize the iPhone ipsw firmware file and refused to proceed past that step. So I used the easy Spirit jailbreak instead.