Thursday, January 20, 2011

Masters of Doom Mini Review

   I finished reading Consider Phlebas on my Kindle 3 and then went straight for Masters of Doom, another book that's been on my not-yet-read list for way too long. While all the reading and traveling I've been doing lately is keeping me from my other hobbies and getting through Essential Actionscript, this book ties in with my interest in game development and the history of modern tech. It's a pretty quick read and is definitely worthwhile for anyone who ever played any games from id software, makers of Doom and Quake.
   The personality clashes between the founders of id and the growth of the game industry in the '90s get a lot of coverage by the author, but the tech that John Carmack worked on like dirty rectangle rendering for Wolfenstein 3D and true 3D graphics for Quake get mentioned as well. I found those tidbits interesting, especially since I've used dirty rect rendering in my pygame projects.
   I hope the book is updated at some point to cover more recent developments, like the launch and mixed reviews of Doom 3. Some coverage of id software's open source releases would have been interesting as well, but I suppose that would have moved the book away from its target audience. Overall I enjoyed the book a lot. I made for a quick and interesting walk down memory lane and told me some things I didn't know about the story of id.

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