Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photography, Scanning and Photo Printing

   Having spent the last few nights doing the incredibly boring work of scanning 958 old photos so my mother can view them in her new digital photo frame it seems strange that I'd want to print out some of my digital photos.
    I'd like to get some sort of real-space copy of my amateur photography. I've had too many hard drives die to not have a physical copy of my best work, even though I have multiple backups. I keep some of my favorite shots on Dropbox, but having a physical copy of something is the ultimate way to backup digital data. Everyone prints out important legal documents, so it makes sense to print out my best, favorite pictures. Right?

   I'm looking at using Snapfish, because they were recommended on Lifehacker and apparently they'll give you some free prints if you're a first time customer.

    Went and ordered my prints from Snapfish, got 20 free for being a new signup and another 30 free prints using a code from retailmenot. While on retailmenot I noticed that Hersheys was running a promotion for a free coffee mug from Snapfish, so I went and got that too. In total I spent less than $7 on shipping, got my prints, and a holiday gift for my sister too.

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